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Covid-19 operations updates & guidelines

The Hideaway, hours of operation:

Office Hours       

(Mon - Fri) 10am - 6pm 

Event Schedule 

(Mon - Thurs)  5pm - 12am

Fri - Sun) 12pm - 12am

We encourage legal wedding couples to pre-register with the Marriage License Bureau prior to their  arrival in Las Vegas.

And please familiarize yourselves with the Marriage Bureau's safety protocol.

  1. We will conduct non-invasive temperature checks on each guest upon entering.

  2. If a guest’s temperature exceeds 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit they will be directed to stay in an isolated area and for safety, not to interact with other guests or staff. They will then be directed to an appropriate medical care facility.

  3. If a guest has a high temperature, they may only return to the chapel with a medical certification confirming they have been tested for COVID-19 or other communicable diseases and medically cleared.

  4. For your safety, as well as our staff, everyone at the chapel is required to wear face coverings, as well as during the limo transportation.

  5. Guests will hand sanitize upon entering the property.

  6. Guests will be asked to practice social distance.

  7. A designated staff member will be responsible for ongoing sanitizing procedures in accordance with CDC recommendations.

  8. Staff members will minimize personal contact with guests and documents. 

  9. Due to COVID, our Event capacity is: 50 or less.

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